Air Quality Improvement


Airborne pollutants generated by burning fossil fuels are choking our cities. Out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, 10 are in India. The health impact of breathing polluted air is severe, and leads to half a million deaths per year in our country.

Airize provides the following solutions to help you and your employees breathe easy!

Duct cleaning


Ventilation ducts gather dust and microbes over a period of continuous usage. In addition to outdoor air pollution, re-circulation of ventilation air in which bacteria, fungi and mold which may be lurking along with dust, poses an additional Occupational Health Hazard.

We use two methods to tackle this:

Robotic Cleaning Solution, where a remotely-controlled robot scans and cleans the interior of the duct,

Hydrojet, where a system of high-pressure water jet, scrubbers and a vacuum suction unit cleans out the duct.